When I finally decided to just hit publish!

When I finally decided to just hit publish!

One of the biggest hurdles I have had to cross when it comes to launching this blog is procrastination & the reasoning behind that procrastination!

I’m not good enough.

My photos aren’t good enough.

Who would want to read my blog anyway?

I’m just dreaming, give up and go & work a real paying job!

I’m not sure why you think that you can do this – who are you anyway?!?

All of these excuses & a whole lot more have been holding me back.

I allow myself to believe the negative self talk & all of the reasons why it won’t work.

I allow myself to believe that I am not good enough & use that as an excuse not to take action.

Until today.

You see today is the day I hit publish on my first blog post.

Today is the day I get started.

Today is the day I kick my negative self talk to the curb & say “fire truck off!”

Today is the day I get to write in my diary that I finally ‘just did it’ & hit the publish button on my website!

It’s not perfect.

It’s going to be messy.

But I’ve done it & I am actually pretty proud of the fact I have pushed myself to take this step!

This is my happy place – Home!

My name is Lynnai & welcome to my little corner of the world wide web.

  • I am a Mumma Bear to two gorgeous kids under two (13.5 months apart to be exact ha ha!)
  • I am a wife.
  • I am a lover of helping people feel inspired.
  • I am a big believer in helping everyone to be who they want to be & do what they dream of doing.
  • I love all things business (yep – I’m a business nerd!)
  • I love all things photography & video (especially when it comes to documenting life with my kids!)
  • I am a country girl who loves country music (don’t worry if you don’t – I’ll still welcome you with open arms!) & I live on our small farm with my gorgeous little family.

My dream is that this blog inspires all of us out there that are paralysed by fear, by negative self talk & a lack of self belief to take action – to put yourself out there & #giveitallyougot!

You’ll find lots of #personalposts along the way as I navigate this journey of pushing past all of my negative self talk to launch my styled stock photography business & achieve what I truly believe I have been called to do. (Yep, I have a big dream that I am called to do this – but I still suffer from a lack of self belief, go figure!)

My writing style isn’t ‘copy writing’ worthy – in fact it can be downright messy, but I am passionate about what I have to say & how I can help us all overcome this need for ‘perfection’ when it comes to writing our blogs & captions!

I’d love to here what bought you here & how you are going on this journey of breaking through our own crappy limits we put on ourselves to build your best life – business or otherwise!

You can also check out my other blog posts – new one’s will be posted every Thursday.

In the meantime, you keep being the amazing you!