What I am loving… October 2019

What I am loving… October 2019


Welcome to my new series “What I’m loving at the moment”. I’ll be updating with new posts every month so make sure you keep an eye out for it!

These are some of the things that I am loving at the moment & as I’m in the season of life of having 2 kids under 2 some things may be child related but rest assured there is a mix of things that I’m loving for October 2019!

I could go on & on with my list, but instead I’ll aim to keep it short & sweet so let’s dive right in!

GoPro Hero 7 Black

I love love love this! I use my GoPro almost every day. I use it to grab video of my kids. I use it to make videos for my work. I use it to make Vlogs (yep you read that right – keep an eye out for my first VLOG to be released during November! Ahhh!)

I cannot recommend GoPro enough. It’s small enough to go everywhere with you, it’s rugged enough to withstand the kids & to top it all off it makes great video!

GoPro Extra Batteries & Charger

I cannot live without the extra batteries for my GoPro. It means that I am not constantly having to worry about what level the battery indicator is at because I always have the next one ready to go!

I have to admit that after some research I was a bit sceptical about buying non-GoPro branded batteries (they have a habit of updating firmware that kills any non-branded batteries!) but in the end I took the risk & I haven’t looked back (in fact, my Brother in Law even purchased the same package I did based on my recommendation)

I purchased this Telesin charger & 2 battery pack from ebay for $47.43 (AUD) & it is awesome! It’s such a cute little charger & so easy to just chuck in my bag to take with me. So this charger & battery set is what I am loving.

Samsung Galaxy S9

It’s not the newest phone out there but I still love it! I’ve had iPhones & I’ve also had Samung’s before but the best thing I did just after I had my little boy earlier this year is go back to Samsung.

What I love most about the Samsung is the ability to add extra storage (an external MicroSD card) so I never run out of room!

I am that person who has a heap of apps (I do go through every couple of months & delete any that I am not using) but I also love to use my phone for photography & videos.

As much as I love the way the Iphone’s are ‘idiot proof’ (anyone can pick one up & start using it pretty much straight away!), the Samsung just offers not only the extra storage but the bonus of a better camera.

It makes sense that my phone would make my list of things I am loving at the moment!


Prior to having our NBN installed in 2016 we had the dodgiest internet! The NBN definitely changed my life that’s for sure!

Stan makes the list this month because of The Wiggles!

With 2 kids under 2 The Wiggles are an obsession in our household & having Stan to stream them makes it so much easier than having to worry about DVD’s & all the drama that goes along with them!

I also love that I can stream some of my favourite Aussie shows – Janet King / Underbelly / McLeod’s Daughter’s, we hardly ever watch free to air TV anymore! (Another bonus of unlimited internet!!!)


There is totally a cult following in Australia at the moment over Kmart. It’s completely changed itself in the last 5 years or so & as such now provides totally affordable, gorgeous homewares.

I wouldn’t be female living in Australia if I didn’t add Kmart to my list!

Until next month….

Stay safe.

Stay happy.

Stay grateful.



***Please note that none of this post is in any way sponsored. There are no affiliate links either.***