I must be crazy….

I must be crazy….

That’s it right? I must be completely crazy? I mean there is no other way of describing what I am doing other than bat poo crazy!!!

I have two beautiful kids under two (there’s a 13 month age gap), I am a wife, I work (albeit only 1 day per week), I am a volunteer firefighter & I volunteer a lot around the running of our fire brigade (my gorgeous husband is the Captain), oh and we live on a farm! & yet I am still so passionate about photography and business that I am launching this business!So you may be asking yourself why? Why am I doing this? The absolute raw answer is that I feel called to do this. As much as I keep trying to talk myself out of even attempting this (& I suffer from anxiety & not feeling good enough so it’s easy for me to talk myself out of it!), I keep getting called back to take action and follow my dreams. It follows me around no matter how hard I try to ignore it!

I love business, I love helping people, I love to give & I love photography so combine all of this together and I have my business plan! I want to create a business that makes people feel at home. Feel loved. Feel wanted.In this day of digital marketing, of social media, of online business, there is a huge need for stock photography, but it’s not like it used to be. Now stock photography can have that artistic touch, that personal touch & have feeling rather than all of those old cold images we are used to seeing of board rooms, computers etc. I love to create stylised images & I love business so it makes total sense to combine them & create my corner of the internet world.

So what is it that you can expect from me? What’s in it for you?

I’m glad you asked!

In all honesty, I want you to come here and feel like home. I want you to read my blogs & be totally motivated to keep living your amazing & blessed life. I want you to come for the photos & leave with so much more!

The initial stages of my business will be an Etsy shop (you can check it out here) & then eventually I will be creating more & more product offerings that will create their own little www world.

I want to make videos for you. To show you how to use my photos & even take your own to compliment them. I want to make videos to show you my world. I want to make videos that will help you in your business & this social media world.

I have big plans.

Big plans that take a big commitment.

I’m totally bat poo crazy for even thinking about it – but it’s in my heart & I’m giving it all I have got!

I’d love you to join me on this journey & we can all take on this beautiful world together!

Check out my socials in the links below & don’t forget to sign up to my email list (I’m giving away free stock photos when you sign up!) and we can conquer this world together.


Wishing you the most Amazing day.