Build yourself an external SSD

Build yourself an external SSD

***Warning – I’m going to geek out in this post!***

I was watching YouTube recently and came across someone who built their own external solid state drive (SSD) – it got me thinking, surely I can do that too!

Off to Ebay I trotted & did some searching, discovering that there are pages upon pages of solid state drives out there to choose from.

I also discovered that building my own could save me approx $30-$50 on each one, a bonus I wasn’t really expecting!!!

I’ll pop some links in of the parts that I purchased (they aren’t affiliate links – just the one’s that I purchased) so you can follow along at home.

Building the actual drive is quiet easy, all you have to do is literally click it all together and then put the screws in to stop it all falling out!

All of the parts needed to put your external SSD together
The enclosure, USB lead, screws, screwdriver & hard drive

After you have managed to put it all together, all you need to do now is connect it to your computer & (most of the time!) you are off and running!

Sometimes you have to do a couple of extra things to get it working… the easiest way to do that is go to our mate Google and type in something along the lines of “how to initialise a new external hard drive”. Don’t be scared by this, there are plenty of easy to follow tutorials out there that will get you going in less than 10 minutes!

I’ve built 3 of my own now and I love them! It’s definitely something that I will be doing from now on that’s for sure!

Until next time…

Have the best day!