2019 a year in review…

2019 a year in review…

I look at 2019 and I smile.

It was a tough year, but it also bought great joy & plenty of smiles.

Some of the things that I want to remember from 2019 are:

  • Patrick Henry was born – making me a Mum to two under two!
  • Miss Sophie started walking when Patrick was a month old
  • Created my Instagram account for my photography brand
  • I actually launched a blog (although I have never promoted it enough)
  • Learnt how to set some strong boundaries about what I allowed in my life & how people treated me
  • Found a confidence about myself (still a work in progress!)
  • Joined the Katelyn James All Access community which I absolutely love!
  • Got myself a new laptop (went back to Dell after 10 years of cheap & nasty laptops)
  • Purchased my GoPro Hero 7 Black
  • Taught myself how to edit in Premiere Pro
  • Created “Seasonal” books of my phone photos of my kids (I absolutely love them!)
  • Jumped into Christmas Kids Mini Sessions & didn’t have an anxiety meltdown!
  • Spent New Years Eve in Corryong as part of Strike Team 2310

Some of the challenges of 2019 were:

  • Finding my voice & working out my messaging (this should have been easy but I found myself really struggling to work out where it was I wanted to position myself!)
  • Two under two. I loved it – but it certainly was a challenge at times.
  • August (my traditional month of being a bit down) kicked my butt. In fact, it kicked it so hard it took me until the end of October before I could say I was feeling good again!
  • Finding the time to really devote to a new business

Overall I would say that 2019 was good to me. It was good to my little family. We are super blessed & super excited about what 2020 brings for us!